For added business value.

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BizzLayer Datasync

Product data | Flexible in all marketplaces
Clear, consistent and attractive product data & presentation across all channels drives conversion and revenue.

BizzLayer Flow

Process | Seamless ordermanagement
Fast and intelligent automated transaction processing across all platforms will drive customer satisfaction and profit.

BizzLayer Fabric

Performance | Driving value
Mastering (commerce) processes through BizzLayer®️ integrated modules for integrated data, integrated process and performance management is our solution for your online success.


Bizzlayer centralizes and organizes business data information from your market chain and multiple internal and external systems, such as existing legacy systems. Resulting in useful business insights. Take control of your data.

Data Connectivity

Would you like to improve or link your systems? We have the solution that seamlessly connects your various systems, essential for your business.


With our Business Intelligence tools, we present your management information in powerful dashboards. This allows you to rely on facts instead of your gut feeling.


From IT project management and nearshoring to the realization of web, e-commerce and mobile applications.


A sound marketing and IT strategy are indispensable building blocks for a successful business model. Together, we create a strategic roadmap, help with the implementation of our solutions and evaluate the complete process afterwards.
BizzLayer®️ Digital Performance

BizzLayer®️ Digital Performance aims to centralize and organize all of your business information for maximum results.

Our BizzLayer®️ Digital Performance concept is a powerful, flexible and modular tooling that provides solutions in areas such as data management, product information management, task and service management and dashboarding.

Combine and organize data from your existing legacy systems and market chain, turning it into useful information. Take control of your data.

Our method

SIENN allows your organization to make the difference.


You want to run your business as efficiently and streamlined as possible while keeping it accessible for your employees at the same time. Therefore, SIENN brings you solutions to remove the obstructions you encounter on the way to a successful and smooth business model. Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in finding the best solutions to lift your business to a higher level.

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Living Online Technology

Grzegorz Fidyka, CEO SIENN Poland

At SIENN we are passionate about new technologies and creative business models. Always looking for the edge to achieve our clients goals and develop ourselves in a sustainable manner.

All boardmembers have over 15 years of experience in a broad range of sectors like automotive, pharmaceuticals, finance, HR, telecom, manufacturing and entertainment.

Subsequently we are easily able to put ourselves in our customer’s position, understanding their problems, needs and the behavior of their bussiness. This allows us to come up with creative and thought through ideas that enrich or transform our customers existing business models.