Manage and provide access to all key data from one central location.

The BizzLayer concept

"Central management of data is of crucial importance for efficient business operations"

Our BizzLayer concept is a powerful, flexible and modular framework that provides solutions in areas such as data management, product information management, task and service management and dashboarding. BizzLayer aims to optimize your complete organization across the entire chain for maximum results.

Modular Framework

Our framework is completely modular and has a broad range of modules to expand your business.

Based on your needs our solution can either be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise on your own servers.

Image module
Our BizzLayer modules
Integral Data Management
BizzLayer Dashboarding
Turn your data into essential business insights, with the help of our dashboarding applications.
BizzLayer Master Data Management
To centralize and manage all core data and the relationships between all your data.
BizzLayer WebPortal
The modular business platform
BizzLayer FrameWork
The solid backbone for BizzLayer modules
BizzLayer Product Information Management
To centralize, manage and distribute all your product data across unlimited channels.