Living Online Technology

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The complete spectrum

We know exactly what elements your organization needs to get the best possible result.

At SIENN we look at the complete structure of your company: From Marketing to Sales, Logistics, Production and Finance. All of these components benefit from our modular business platform.

Living Online Technology

Grzegorz Fidyka, CEO SIENN Poland

At SIENN we are passionate about new technologies and creative business models. Always looking for the edge to achieve our clients goals and develop ourselves in a sustainable manner.

All boardmembers have over 15 years of experience in a broad range of sectors like automotive, pharmaceuticals, finance, HR, telecom, manufacturing and entertainment.

Subsequently we are easily able to put ourselves in our customer’s position, understanding their problems, needs and the behavior of their bussiness. This allows us to come up with creative and thought through ideas that enrich or transform our customers existing business models.