Data Connectivity

Let your data work for you.

Seamless integration of systems

"Central management of data is of crucial importance for efficient business operations."

When the various systems of a company are seamlessly connected, this results in a streamlined business management model. SIENN distinguishes itself in controlling and centralizing all of your essential data in one location and giving you access to it wherever you desire.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are pivotal to modern business growth. If you want to improve or connect your systems, we would like to provide you with a solution that seamlessly connects your systems and business.

Tooling and know-how

The centralisation of data is crucial for good business management.

Because all of our developments are web-based, you have the choice to access and give access to your data from any desired location. Also, you can restrict this accessibility to only the locations you have authorized to be able to do so.

SIENN can realize any data-bus (connector) between your systems. This way, you can connect your ERP / CRM to the other systems of your company. This creates a powerful synergy that effectively reduces your costs and boosts efficency. Through dashboarding we make all relevant management data insightful for you so your organization can decide and act on the basis of the latest information.

We provide you with the tools and know-how for optimal business management. By working with Microsoft, Unit4 and SAP, among others, we aim for custom, secure data connectivity between your enterprise systems.

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Our data connectivity solutions
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Any desired link between your systems can be realized. This way, you can also connect your ERP / CRM to the other computer systems of your company. This creates a powerful cost-effective collaboration. Through dashboarding we make all relevant management insightful for you so that you can decide and act on the basis of the latest information.

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Unit4 manages your entire business through one integrated and cloud-based ERP package. Our solutions are designed for the people that use them. This makes implementation easy and the use a pleasure. The proven benefits of our solutions are quickly realized and they are easy to customize.

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Automate all aspects of your business with SAP software: On-premise or in the cloud. Our scalable business software supports your ERP, HR, e-commerce, analytics and reporting, to name a few examples. Over 250,000 SME customers have already discovered that SAP develops alongside their business, regardless of the rate with which it is growing.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX is a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides small- and medium-sized businesses with control over finance, and simplifies supply, production, and business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX is quick to implement and easy to use. In addition, it supports further growth of your business.