Optimize your business

We support organizations in their processes: sales, finance and marketing

Advanced data connectivity

Smart solutions for data migrations, mutations and links. SIENN has the knowledge, capacity and experience to solve your most challenging data issues.

Insight into your business

Make your business workable, smarter and insightful with our advanced marketing- and process solutions. SIENN puts you in control.
Upgrade your business

SIENN helps hundreds of organizations worldwide with smart, efficient and powerful solutions in the fields of:


We have found answers to complex and challenging process questions in multiple industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Pharma
  • HR
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Video On Demand / Content Platforms
We optimize your procedures

Our consultants are specialized in uncovering your business needs and requirements. Based on this quality, SIENN helps you to reach your goals in the fields of sales, production, logistics, finance and marketing.

We immerse ourselves into your market. We map your organization, after which we help you solve your Return on Investment (ROI) bottlenecks.
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In addition to optimizing your processes, our solutions give you more insight into your own organization. This allows you to adjust with real-time management information.
We listen to your needs by analyzing, planning, and implementing software that listens to its users.
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The SIENN method

Proven, to the point, focused on ROI.

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The proof

A selection of our clients:

For over 12.5 years, we have proudly completed hundreds of projects for different clients. From start-ups to multinationals, both national and international. Always putting the added business value for our customer first.

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When you are wrong

I asked the team, what value of the workshops they see, and they all said: 'We need to ask more questions'. They know, they need to change their behavior in order to improve. And to be honest, it was worth it to be wrong. The lesson I learnt is not to assume. Just ask.

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Losing focus

Scrum is for the team, so if one person says: ‘I do not care how, but we have to implement it’, it means nothing. And if you think, I am wrong, just ask the team.

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