The SIENN Method

Proven, to the point, focused on ROI.

SIENN enables your organization to make the difference

You want to run your business as efficient and streamlined as possible while keeping it accessible for your employees at the same time. Therefore, SIENN brings you solutions to remove the obstructions you encounter on the way to a successful and smooth business model. Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in finding the best solutions to lift your business to a higher level.

21 days model
Our post-it sessions

Our approach

Together with you, we analyze your organization and look for improvements. By means of a pragmatic approach, we map various internal and external aspects: departments, processes, systems, protocols and communication. Together we set priorities to determine when, and in which order the solutions will be implemented. The solution which benefits your organization most, is always the starting point.


When the desired solutions and time schedule are determined, we spread their implementation across multiple sprints. These sprints last 21 days each. By the end of every sprint we deliver a solution that enables your organization to achieve business goals. By default we start with the solution which proves to be the most profitable.

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Our method
First, our business consultants set up a blueprint of your organization to see which areas show opportunities or are in need of solutions to deliver more business value.
The blueprint serves as the basis of our understanding of your organization. Next, all solutions are structured hierarchically. This is where SIENN feels at home. Consequently, we prioritize the solutions which provide the most business value.
Business value
Thanks to the hierarchy provided, we start each project with the solution that provides the most business value in the short term.
Return on investment
We start each project in cooperation with the organization, with Return on investment (ROI) being top of mind to guarantee results as fast and optimal as possible.
SCRUM methodology
The chosen solutions are then developed by SIENN's multidisciplinary teams. By which they are divided into 21-day sprints via the AGILE / SCRUM method. Throughout the production process, the organization remains product owner and our Business Consultant will care for the development process, in consultation with the organization.
After every 21-day sprint, a functional solution is presented. Thus, your organization is assured a solution after every sprint, together with flexibility and financial security.