SIENN Software development

We design, build, deliver and support custom business critical applications for organisations that need bespoke software fitting specific needs.

Integrated approach

"SIENN realizes synergy by enabling specialists from different disciplines to work together on your project."

SIENN has gained expertise and experience from various disciplines thanks to dedicated teams of professionals.

As a result, the lines are short and a well-thought-out solution is realized quickly from combined insights.

Who we are

We are a group of enthusiasts – engineers, whose passion it is to create useful IT solutions.

With an open collaboration model and a team of experienced professionals we deliver values, such as: quality, scalability, flexibility, and suitable timelines.

Each project is approached individually. We listen, analyze, advise and work together in order to find the best solution to meet your specific needs.

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Our Teams
Business Consultants
By listening, analyzing and advising, our Business Consultants work with you to find the best solution that seamlessly matches your specific needs.
SIENN has a comprehensive international team of back- and front-end developers with knowledge of a variety of platforms and technologies. They are able to translate your needed business solution into a digital environment effortlessly.
Our team of marketeers has a strong analytical ability, steps into your shoes and the shoes of your customers, and devises ways to reach and convince them. In short, our marketeers take care of your complete marketing: from strategy to execution.
UI / UX Designers
Usability, Experience, Conversions and Efficiency. These are factors that our UI / UX Designers take into account with everything they do. By listening carefully to your wishes, they provide intuitive solutions.
Project Managers
Our experienced Project Managers will guide your project to get the best results, while you remain Product Owner for the duration of the entire project.
Strategy Analysts
Our strategists improve your business model and advise you in the different fields of operation, IT and marketing.