Post-it Sessions

Proven. To-the-point. Focused on ROI.

The start of a successful project

We kick-off a project by starting with a post-it session. In this session, you, together with our business consultants and business analysts will map out opportunites and problematic areas of your business.

This pragmatic approach aims to get all relevant information in a short amount of time to see what’s important for your organization.

Enhancements and opportunities

During these post-it sessions, our consultants will cooperate with you to get a picture of what the current situation is and where the improvement points and opportunities are.

Separate business-units such as Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Production and Finance are often mismatched and do not know exactly what’s going on outside of their own department. We deal with each of these units seperately, but also with the organization as a whole. The goal is to manage your entire chain with one approach based on structured data and insights.

New insights

Then we will prioritize. What unit delivers the most positive return on investment? Effortlessly, our consultants analyze bottlenecks to see where the most business value is located. Next, they look for ways to improve and develop this business value. They also look into whether the different systems, formats and other types of information match.

The new insights that emerge from this analysis, serve as the basis for our business solutions. Perhaps the problem can be solved by changing aspects of the business software, or by appointing a temporary Information / IT-Manager.

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