Bright Contact

Activating the Komyunity startup

Expanding the Genesys Workforce Optimization suite

To launch the Komyunity startup, Bright Contact needed a solution that expands the Genesys Workforce Optimization suite into the mobile experience.

That’s why SIENN designed a mobile platform that allows Genesys’ users to connect with the suite using just a Smartphone.

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About Bright Contact

Bright Contact is a management consulting, technology services, and innovations company. It is a reseller and service provider of Genesys (Bright’s Contact partner) key company products such as:

  • Intelligent Voice Response system,
  • Call Center Modernization software,
  • and Workforce Optimization Suite – an integrated workforce management system, where Komyunity startup constitutes a complementary element, and Bright Contact plays a partner role as an expert.
The challenge

Genesys Workforce Optimization suite is used among others in the financial sector. When Komyunity wanted to onboard there, it met a lot of obstacles. One of the major challenges was to meet rigorous security standards.

The problem was also to be in line with the custom network architecture of clients. Onboarding thousands of mobile users to the new Komyunity platform was an issue too.

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The solution

To solve the challenge with advanced security standards and to meet the customer network setup SIENN closely cooperated with security and networking specialists, as well as software developers with IT representatives of the endcustomer.

The last issue was solved by preparing a suitable concept of scalable architecture. It was possible by the active involvement of the Development team, and DevOps in the design and development process.

From SIENN’s perspective, AWS – based solution created the possibility to react to growing demands for resources. Also, ready-to-use components like load balancers, NGINX, Schedulers helped SIENN make the overall Komyunity concept alive.

The overall solution was developed in an evolutionary way. The Agile approach was the best possible way to react fast and adapt to short-term targets.The Komyunity solution itself is secure and fully controllable; therefore, it’s possible to manage access, investigate the issues, and monitor the resources in the runtime.

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We have gained a competitive advantage after introducing Komyunity platform to our clients. SIENN developed a unique market solution that gives Komyunity endusers the freedom to operate on Genesys from the smartphone level. The solution also allowed us to react fast in a dynamic environment, which is a new and valuable asset for our company.

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Core benefits of the solution
Mobile accessibility as an Unique Selling Point
By designing a mobile platform, users can now connect to the Genesys Workforce Optimization suite using just a smartphone, expanding the suite's reach and convenience.
Enhanced security
The solution addresses rigorous security standards and custom network architecture requirements, making it suitable for use in sectors with high security demands, such as the financial industry.
Scalable architecture
The development team and DevOps involvement allowed for a scalable architecture, which ensures that the platform can efficiently onboard thousands of mobile users and grow with increasing demand. Increasing the mobility of operating on the Genesys platform.
Resource optimization
The AWS-based solution enables the platform to quickly react to growing demands for resources, using ready-to-use components.
Secure and controllable environment
The Komyunity solution is fully controllable, allowing users to manage access, investigate issues, and monitor resources in runtime.
Agile approach
The evolutionary development process using the Agile approach allowed for quick adaptation to short-term targets and fast responses to changing needs.