Manage and provide access to all key data from one central location.

BizzLayer WebPortal

Centrally managing data is crucial for efficient business management.

Usability plays a big role in the success of an application. Experience has shown us that users of the BizzLayer WebPortal quickly familiarize themselves with the different screens because all screens share the same layout. This ensures a clear and uniform environment which is accepted by users, whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The layout effortlessly adapts to various screen sizes, meaning employees can make use of the WebPortal while on the road. For example for maintenance staff, to digitalize work orders for the surveying of new installations, repairs and maintenance. Or sales employees, allowing them to close the deal on the location of the client. Subsequently, reports and signatures can be uploaded directly without the interference of paperwork.

Advanced. User friendly. Modular.


  • Rights & permissions
  • Advanced security
  • Reports
  • Custom fields
  • Translations
  • Automation
  • Notifications
  • Log
  • Custom filters
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The benefits of BizzLayer WebPortal
User friendly and flexible

Unrivaled UX and usability ensure that users can work intuitively and efficiently with the platform on any device with an active internet connection.

Advanced user management

Keep, up to individual field level, control and insight into what data is being consulted, added, or modified.

Databusses and connectors

In combination with BizzLayer DataSync, numerous data sets can be combined from various systems such as ERPs, CRMs, financial software, online resources and databases. In addition, connectors are possible to third-party systems through all common methods such as web services, APIs, file exchange, etc.

Business consulting

For a fast Return On Investment (ROI) we offer you business consulting for the configuration and design of the BizzLayer WebPortal. Our business consultants work together with you to set up the functionality and our nearshoring team will quickly and efficiently develop the project.


Whether you want an order portal with custom-specific business rules, a CRM, document or product information management system or a complaints portal, our modules give your organization endless possibilities.

Drive business based on information

To centralize and manage all core data and the relationships between all your data.