SIENN announces partnership with Indesmatech

“Industry 4.0 is growing at an impeccable pace, and we have no intention of slowing down for even a second.” 

– Says Grzegorz Fidyka, CEO at SIENN


In April 2022, SIENN became the primary technology solution provider in the Cloud Development area for Indesmatech.

Both companies have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the Nordic market covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, under which SIENN will provide the underlying technology for Cloud Development, with a strong focus on the Internet of Things.

For Indesmatech, this collaboration means getting a stable and experienced technology partner.


“The existing core business of Indesmatech is to support Hardware and Embedded Software design within IoT (LoRa/LoRaWAN), Embedded Computing, Audio, and Sensing for our customers in all market segments in Northern Europe. 

SIENN’s Cloud Software solutions are a natural addition to our offering, enabling us to work on the whole project from Chip to Cloud.”

– says Søren Manicus, Co-Founder of Indesmatech.


The agreement represents the first and most important step toward the realization of SIENN’s business goals in the Scandinavian region.


As Grzegorz Fidyka says:

Our business will continue to expand its footprint in the Nordic markets, which overlaps with our medium-term growth strategy.

We are working now on new projects based on the latest technologies for Cloud Development and communication with IoT devices. The future plans at SIENN include increasing our emphasis on predictive maintenance and Big Data.

We also expect our projects to incorporate machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even augmented reality.”


Past partnerships within the Nordic market have yielded promising results for SIENN. Similarly to its Scandinavian neighbors, the company’s work culture emphasizes the same values and ways of thinking about projects.

Through the cooperation with Indesmatech, SIENN will not only develop in the project area but will also receive marketing support in the Scandinavian market. That is undoubtedly an enormous value for business development.


“As you know, most companies today have moved to a remote or hybrid collaboration mode. SIENN has always had strong capabilities for working remotely.

Nevertheless, we recognize that a physical presence in the markets we operate is important, so this partnership will enable us to acquire new clients and strengthen relationships with those we already have.”

Grzegorz Fidyka adds.