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SIENN became a software solution vendor for BAYER through an official tender process. Among other mid-size companies, SIENN has been chosen as the best match of price vs quality and standards. The purpose of the cooperation was to create two autonomous projects: EyePlus and VentaPlus, which brought onhand support, control, and innovation to BAYER’s medical staff and their patients.

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BAYER is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. BAYER’s innovative products respond to global challenges, and improve the quality of people’s lives, by focusing on preventing, alleviating, and curing diseases.

BAYER also makes an important contribution to provide an adequate supply of high-quality food, feed, and renewable plant-based raw materials.

The goal

The treatment process is highly dependent on the patient’s discipline – without regular use of medicine, healing time may become significantly longer than expected. Patients, who are treating their illness at home have no supervision over medicament usage. That’s why BAYER aimed to develop a solution that will monitor and analyze drug application compliance by patients.

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The solution

SIENN created a solution, where the data uploaded from a nebulizer is transferred from the patient’s device throughout the mobile application to SIENN’s database.

We developed a system that is monitoring the inflow of data and dispatching it to specific records concerning the treatment process of patients.

Along with tracking data, this solution also allows to report adverse events during each visit of a patient at the medical facility.

Alignment of the operational processes, a mobile application from BAYER, and our newly developed web application was a key to collect proper data about the therapy.

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SIENN delivered a technical solution that brought us insight into patients’ compliance in a better way than ever before. The communicativeness and flexibility of SIENN made this cooperation proficient and impeccable.

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Aleksandra Stępień
Patient Case Services Manager @ BAYER