Duijndam Uitzendgroep

Online integration for work agency

Main objective

Duijndam needed a platform to bring all the paperwork online and integrate the recruitment process into one easy-to-navigate system.

SIENN created a solution where Duijndam employees can easily browse through specific details of applicants, digitally manage all documents on the one website, and plan all activities from the very start of the job application until the worker arrives at the place of employment.

The challenge

Matching over 50 000 applicants with employees is Dujindam’s highest priority. For the company, it was challenging to manage all documents, permissions, and any other details of each candidate during the recruitment process that was full of time-consuming paperwork.

There was a huge need to create a platform that would integrate such a high amount of data.

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About Duijndam Uitzendgroep

Duijndam is a professional, full-fledged, and full-service employment agency that has been operating in Poland since 2003. They specialize in temporary and seasonal employment in the Netherlands, offering jobs in various sectors.Duijndam provides companies with staff and finds professionals through their specific recruitment selection process. Their aim is to properly connect the interests of both parties of the labor market.

The goal

The goal was to create an intelligent system that would make the hiring process more efficient. To do that, we had to map advanced business logic to a complex online solution. The platform also had to be integrated with external services and let the users manage large amounts of data.

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The solution

SIENN created a multifunctional platform where all necessary data for recruitment can be stored and managed. It has a two-way search option, where:

Candidates can easily apply for a job and provide the necessary information concerning their professional background. We implemented the scheduler, so potential workers are always updated about new job offers that match their qualifications.

Duijndam’s employees can use full-text search and quickly go through the whole applicant’s database to find a perfect match for their job offer.

During the recruitment process, all paperwork is managed online – SIENN developed an electronic signature application for iOS, so the applicant has to come to a physical office only once, to leave his e-sign.

We also used SignalR technology, so Duijndam workers receive real-time notifications about any new information and documents added by applicants.To solve potential communication barriers resulting from a multilingual team, we integrated the platform with Google API, making the translation clear and transparent.Lastly, we Integrated Duijndam platform with Google Maps. This solution makes home-to-work route planning easier for the people that will be employed in the Netherlands.

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Duijndam had an urgent need to create one system to manage all applicants. Thanks to Sienn we now have an innovative platform that is translated into three languages: NL, PL, EN, and stores the data of thousands of applicants. By using full-text search we can smoothly search person-specific details and, most importantly, have the possibility to manage all paperwork online.

SIENN provided us with system integration, making the whole recruitment process seamless. Duijndam now operates on a platform with real-time notifications, specific search filters, e-Signature, and other unique functionalities. This solution boosted our business, so already now we have more time to focus on the job interviews with applicants.

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John Helderman
General Manager