Aritco Lift AB

Controlling all lifts from one place.

Main objective

ARITCO’s main objective was to monitor and control its lifts around the world from its headquarters in Sweden. SIENN developed an equipment fleet management system, where all vital performance parameters are visible in real-time from all devices.

We also created Aritco mobile app that allows users to configure built-in options on their AritcoHomeLift and access the user manual.

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About Aritco

Aritco is an award-winning Swedish manufacturer of rich in design platform lifts and home lifts, supplied for the public and private market worldwide.

Today, ARITCO produces almost 4.000 lifts a year that are sold in 40 different countries through more than 170 distributors.

The goal

The main objective of our cooperation was to create an infrastructure that meets all specific requirements and provides a two-way communication flow between the client’s devices and desktop application.

The second goal was to develop a well-designed mobile app, that allows users of the lifts to configure built-in options.

The solution

Our solution was based around Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) services.

By using serverless and cloudnative architecture, we prepared a secure and scalable application to communicate asynchronously with more than a thousand devices scattered around the world.

We built independently scaled and deployed system structure. It allows for more flexibility in the eventual updating of individual subsystems.

The ability to monitor single parts of the system and the whole IoT solution was critical. With Azure Cloud services, we provided real-time notifications and analytics for the client.

Before the development phase, our designers created clickable mockups to visualize the product. Along with Aritco’s team members, we defined the last details of the application, and we made sure that our client will be satisfied with the final product.SIENN engaged a multiskilled team of people whose portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality products. Flawless teamwork and high competencies of SIENN’s experts increased efficiency factor as well.Also, under the program management, our company closely cooperated with Aritco and another company responsible for the firmware and hardware.

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SIENN has developed a tailored monitoring system that matches our needs. Right now, we have an overall look at our lifts’ performance from all over the world, in just one application.

This comprehensive software not only boosted up the control process, but also simplified logistics planning for the maintenance and repair of our lifts.

During our cooperation, it was highly important to keep dynamic reporting in order to react quickly to any changes or impediments. SIENN ensured a seamless communication flow by having weekly review and program meetings with us and with another company that we worked with.

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Klas Dybeck