For task and service management

Every organization that uses NOORR is assured that the required input into the system is consistent, complete and accurate. This improves the quality, shortens lead times and reduces costs. These results have a positive effect on your customer satisfaction, the involvement of your employees and your organization’s profit. NOORR can be used on a tablet, smartphone and laptop and runs on iOS, Windows and Android.

Consistent and accurate data

Technical specifications

BizzLayer NOORR runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops with the following operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows


  • Unlimited, nested scripts based on IFTTT principle
  • Route planner based on Google Maps
  • Track-and-Trace
  • Scan function for barcodes and beacons
  • Up and download of Excel files
Image module
The benefits of BizzLayer NOORR

NOORR works on a tablet, smartphone or laptop and runs on iOS, Windows and Android.

Scripted dataflow

Tight scripted data streams with unlimited IFTTT (if-this-then-that) capabilities provide consistent, complete and accurate data entry.

“Live” customizable

A script manager can customize and edit the scripts in an online application, 24/7. If desired this can also be outside the organization, like at home, to meet organizational goals or individual needs.

All-in-one paperless solution

NOORR replaces everything that needs to be written on paper, and will digitally capture it. Photographs, signatures, vouchers, declarations, documents and forms are all digitally recorded without paper intervention.