iPad- and web-app for one of the worldleading companies in the field of prescriptive drugs.

Project introduction


VentaPlus is a platform to monitor compliance of drugs application by patients. End users – Nurses are able to enter detailed information about patient’s health, check the compliance to doctor advises, and report non conformities.

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Project goals
  • Monitoring of compliance to drugs’ application advise.
  • Reporting non-conformities for pharmacovigilance purposes.
  • Introduction of newly developed nebulizer – BreeLib – to Polish market (pilot project).
An application for reporting drug side effects.

Presentation layer

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Less
  • Angular Material (0.9)
  • NET 4.0
  • MVC 4.0 + Razor

Business layer

  • JavaScript (ES5)
  • AngularJS (1.3)

Data layer

  • XML
  • Entity Framework 6.0


  • .NET Framework 4.5

The application includes the entire process of gathering information about medication side-effects through doctors, nurses and pharmacists. These users report and send the information to the compliance department in JSON / XML / PDF format.

We have developed a clean interface of application, bearing in mind the behaviour standards of visual communication of BAYER brand and providing the most intuitive use of the application.

We applied the visual guidelines from Client, create a project that meets the standards of BAYER Company. Properly selected interface colours in conjunction with a flatdesign ensure the end result which we are proud of.

  • Phase 1 is closed and services are up and running. Operational work is ongoing (Nurses/Patients/Pharmacovigilance).
  • Phase 2 is under construction – introduction of new nebulizer – BreeLib.
Project summary

Development and design of the application structure

An effective tool with high usabillity to support BAYER in a part of their daily routine.



Server application for reporting and administation purposes
WEB application for daily operations (Nurses)
Service desk + helpline

UI / UX Design
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