The beginning of Marc’s journey as business consultant at SIENN

Hi! My name is Marc Ewouds and I want to tell you how my journey began when I was introduced to Robert van den Boom and Gerard Hubbers, through an acquaintance. I was invited for a coffee and informal chat to explore whether SIENN and I would be a good fit. We had a good and open meeting where I was asked if they could contact me later when a suitable opportunity would come.

Two months later, I was invited back to SIENN for an assessment with Harry van Kessel, which led to an official job offer just two days later.  

Throughout the recruitment process I found the interview process to be transparent and informative, with both sides getting to know each other in an open and honest manner. Despite not doing any specific preparation for the interview, I felt confident in my abilities and expertise, which clearly impressed the SIENN team.

“At SIENN, the process of onboarding new employees is taken seriously, as evidenced by the thorough and supportive approach taken during my onboarding period.

Broadening my skill-set and learning new tools

Upon joining SIENN, my role involved creating Microsoft PowerApp Canvas Apps to help customers streamline their processes. The apps included functionalities such as automated product ordering and export management. The process of creating these apps involved working closely with the customer to identify their needs, followed by a collaboration with a UI/UX designer to create a suitable template.

I then used Microsoft’s proprietary programming language to create the layout and connect the app’s features to the SQL database. The app was tested extensively before being submitted digitally.

The process of learning and creating the apps was challenging for me, but I was able to get help from my knowledgeable colleagues to overcome any obstacles. Additionally, I felt confident in their ability to identify the customer’s needs and provide valuable solutions based on their expertise.

Obtaining certificates

In order to further develop my knowledge and abilities with PowerApps, I, together with SIENN decided to learn more about the fundamentals of Power Platform and obtain the PL-900 certification.

I prepared for the exam using Microsoft’s online learning path and found that the most challenging aspect was balancing my time between learning and creating PowerApps simultaneously. However, the certification provided me with a comprehensive understanding of PowerApps’ capabilities and how they could be used to provide value to customers.

Making my mar(c)k

During the onboarding process, I worked closely with the team to ensure a smooth integration into the SIENN family. I was also able to suggest policies and procedures based on my previous experience as a member of a company council, and my direct colleagues helped them get up to speed with company policies and procedures.

Overall, I found the onboarding process at SIENN to be supportive and informative. I was impressed with the company’s emphasis on transparency and clear communication throughout the recruitment and integration process and felt confident in my ability to provide valuable solutions to customers using my skills and expertise.

I’m looking forward to working together with this great team of people in the future.